Our Philosophy

TCDS is dedicated to giving people with disabilities greater choice, control and freedom – empowering them to live life on their own terms across Queensland. TCDS supports people with disabilities by enabling them to realise their personal aspirations and goals. For us, having a disability should never limit the degree of choice and control people have over their own lives, and we work hard to make sure the people we support get a fair go.

There’s a world of opportunities and experiences out there, and we are here to help people with disabilities make the most of it. At TCDS we believe in challenging the status quo to create a society that is fairer and more inclusive of people with disabilities. For us, there’s nothing more satisfying than discovering where someone wants to go and supporting them in getting there – bringing family members, friends, and carers along on the journey.

Relentless in our pursuit of inclusion and equality, we are committed to ensuring people with a disability are given the respect and opportunities they deserve. Sometimes this means speaking out against injustice, sometimes it’s a matter of changing people’s perceptions and behaviour through education. We’re not afraid to ask the tough questions and have thought provoking conversations – whatever it takes to inspire positive change.

TCDS and the NDIS

At TCDS we are excited about the improved outcomes the NDIS will bring to people with a disability across Australia, and we are here to help make these positive changes happen.

We are committed to innovation as well as best practice, evidence-based service delivery, to ensure we are constantly striving for better and smarter ways to meet the needs, desires and goals of our clients. Our service delivery is centred on our clients and involves them and their supporters in every aspect of their care. We pride ourselves on our quality service delivery and supporting clients to participate in and belong to the community, while becoming independent, autonomous directors of their own care.

TCDS is a Registered NDIS Provider and complies with all Queensland and Commonwealth Government requirements for the delivery of quality and safe disability support services.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

TCDS Vision is to assist clients to achieve their goals, always giving them choice and control, and treating them with respect.

TCDS’s Mission is to be a service leader, offering the highest quality services to clients in a sustainable and transparent way.

All of TCDS’s operations and activities are built upon our Values of:

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